An entanglement with bodies, technologies, and information through movement, design, and digital critique.

A remaking, an act of “critical attention,” a gesture of generosity.

A sweeping up of the torrential data shed that has become central to western culture in order to “give back” that data in a non-monetized, non-commercial form.


Vibrant Lives juxtaposes “human” and “artifactual” metadata in a real-time experience of data production. We do this to educate audiences about the torrents of data we produce in our everyday lives and to raise questions about how we value persons, art objects, and information.

By comparing this experience with an experience of the metadata of archival holdings, we trouble boundaries erected by ideas of disembodied, abstracted, “immaterial” metadata and people or artifacts. By juxtaposing the different ways that we engage with technologies of communication and preservation (phone and heritage collection), we ask our audiences to consider interplays of value, valuation, technology, information, and material/matter.

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