Handmade Amplified – A Vibrant Lives Event in Amsterdam

Net in progress – work by Jessica Rajko in paracord

May 21st and 22nd, 2016 Vibrant Lives will be presenting in “Handmade Amplified” in Amsterdam (more precisely, my amazing collaborators Jessica Rajko and Eileen Standley will be presenting their work). This iteration of our research will be realized as a durational performance/installation; a play with potent points of technological and analog dialogue through and of the body.

Presented in the 4Bid Gallery as performance and installation of sculpture, photos, and a web of crocheted interactive fiber, the exhibit will be partially constructed over time and aims to set up a context for exploring some of our questions regarding the body as both site and conduit; how the body’s possible extensions through the hand, particularly, provide an opening to sharing – via touch, via technology, via the very act of listening, or as a whole embodied act.   
The crocheted network aspect of the installation explores the complexity of Big Data, making, and the relationship between data analysis and artistic process. Weaving traditional making practices (crocheting) with contemporary practices (physical computing), the piece reflects on the valuation and visibility of knowledge, practice, and labor.

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