The data playground we sort of knew we were making

Jacqueline Wernimont : Network Weaver, Scholar, Digitrix

A quick overview

Last weekend Vibrant Lives premiered three new sculptures commissioned by the Mesa Arts Center. The sculptures, created in collaboration with local artist Bobby Zokaites, were designed to give people a larger-scale experience of real time data shed than we had done in previous events.

We consciously chose materials and shapes that would invite bodies to lay, stand, sit, and stretch across the pieces, allowing people to locate the vibration of their data output in different places. The idea was to let people play around with the ways they might feel the data being shed from their cell phones. We had a local wifi connection for participants and custom software that temporarily captured everyone’s outgoing data and transformed it into a song of sorts that was then played on our subsonic system to create vibration in the structures.

We chose the Mesa Arts Center event in part because…

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