Who is participating in the Vibrant Lives and Archives project?

As an interactive installation or set of installations, much of our project is about you.

Vibrant Lives is a project of HS Collab, founded by Jessica Rajko and Jacqueline Wernimont

Other project participants have included:

Eileen Standley, Clinical Professor of Dance, School of Film, Dance and Theatre , Arizona State University

Michael Krzyzaniak, ASU doctoral student in Arts, Media, and Engineering who studies perceived empathy in human-robot interaction. He is interested in the synergy between machines and humans during musical interactions

Tim O’Donnell, New York based dance artist who works as a realtime improvisation artist on technology-related projects.

Danielle Feinberg , Phoenix-area professional performer and experienced improvising artist. She currently dances with local professional dance company, CONDER/dance.

Julie Akerly is a local professional choreographer/performer and ASU MFA graduate with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Digital Media and Performance (IDMP). She is experienced with technology and improvisation methodologies and the founder of [neuBOX], a non-profit residency program for emerging performance and installation artists.

Stjepan Rajko, professional software engineer at Phoenix-based company Axosoft and the co-founder of art/tech nonprofit organization urbanSTEW.

Jentery Sayers, Assistant Professor and Director, Maker’s Lab and Digital Humanities Graduate Program, University of Victoria

Joe Gervais, Sr. Application Security Engineer, LifeLock

Nina Belojevic, Assistant Director at the Maker Lab in the Humanities, University of Victoria. Research Developer & Information Architect at the Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory.

Jamie Winterton,  Director of Strategic Research Initiatives with the Global Security Initiative at ASU.

We have generous support from the Institute for Humanities Research and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, both at Arizona State University.

4 thoughts on “Who is part of Vibrant Lives?

    1. jwernimont says:

      Not yet, but not because we aren’t interested in engaging. In our initial performance we were using real time data collection and had tabled the archival data element. We will be rolling that out in future work and we plan to engage with archivists when we do!


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